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the yogic body studio co.


the yogic body studio co.


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Hey, yogi. I'm Jess - Boss of Bliss at The Yogic Body. I am a scientist-turned-yoga student, yoga studio owner and yoga teacher. I teach women how to build a personal and sustainable yoga practice to feel empowered and create meaningful and powerful change on and off the yoga mat. You can find me traveling the world, cuddling with my human-sized dogs, sitting in meditation for 45 minutes, and fighting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with my husband.

Yoga has brought meaningful, tangible change to my life and I can't help but share this powerful practice. I urge you to join me. Consider me your coach and your confidant, advocating for you to cultivate your yogic body - united with a sound mind, a backbone, and a say in how you live your life!

Dance like nobody's watching? Cat/cow like nobody's watching.

Get moving and grooving - empowered by yoga

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After years of working in cancer research and after losing my mother-in-law to terminal cancer, I decided to fully dedicate myself to wellness through yoga.

I created The Yogic Body Online where I continue to share virtual yoga classes, meditation, and journaling resources on YB’s membership site. Two years after creating The Yogic Body Online, I opened the doors to The Yogic Body Studio in Exton, PA, USA.

Now I help women just like you and me who are curious about the benefits of yoga, who are willing to show up to the mat and welcome a mind/body challenge with a beginner's mindset.

It feels like only yesterday when I was introduced to yoga while studying for my degree in Biology. For several years, I worked as a cancer researcher but my mind was always busy with dreams of becoming a full time yoga teacher! Ultimately, the creation of The Yogic Body came through crisis...

Did you know? I couldn't do a single push up before yoga.

From couch potato to yoga studio owner

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Read my full story!

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If you're interested in developing a yoga practice to feel empowered and find community - or committed to living your day dream and need that extra encouragement to make it happen - you're in the right place.

So tell me, does this sound like you?

Don't go it alone.

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what yoga practice will impact you in a major way?

Take the quiz to learn

What yoga practice will most impact your life?

pop quiz, yoga babes!

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Snag your spot in our online yoga studio

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Learn about classes at our Exton studio

Did you know there are two options to practice with yours truly?
In person and in studio
Or virtually in our online studio
So, which will it be? Choose your ideal method of practicing with me - in person, local or virtually, around the world.

Are you practicing with me in-studio in-person or in-studio on-line?

Local or worldwide - a community of yogis, period.

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See the studio


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start with our new student intro offer

We believe in the power of goal setting and accountability. After all, a consistent yogi, a person dedicated to their yoga practice, is a powerful member of the community. Through goal setting and accountability check-ins, we want nothing more than for you to stay on your path to a healthier body and mind. Learn more about our community and how we can best support your yoga practice.

The Yogic Body Studio

community. Accountability.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Visit the online studio


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start with a 7 day free trial

YB began as an online space with a three part mission:
First, instill a sense of community between women battling with their anxiety (you are not alone). Second, ignite a passion for yoga, welcoming mindful movement (you have the tools). Third, inspire the confidence for you to pursue your wildest dreams (you are capable).

The Yogic Body Online

our community. Wherever you are.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Hover to see more of our yogis!


"I appreciate the witty sense of humor, light, and joy Jess bring in such a nurturing space. She is the most authentic, genuine, and passionate yoga teacher I know. She fully invests in her students so that we can know the healing power of our bodies, minds, and spirits."

"The Yogic Body reinforces my belief in the transformative possibilities of mindfulness, yoga, and self love. 


"She is a wonderful woman who struggled in life and can deeply understand what it is like to have anxiety. She is truly empathetic and always has something to say to make me feel less alone in the world."

"In these difficult days of my life I found Jessica, creator of The Yogic Body.


"I teach special education and because of The Yogic Body, my students are currently learning basic poses and techniques. It has definitely helped all of my students and I have you to thank you!"

"Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!


Jess and her team make you feel welcome, loved and super comfortable, like you are part of the family. Classes are totally amazing, there is something new and special on each class. Jess's classes in studio and online (youtube) get you into a "YES YOU CAN" mindset right away.

"This is the best place, whether you are new to yoga or just rediscovering your love for it.

FREE 14 Day Morning yoga


Start your morning reawakened with our free 14 day, at home yoga challenge. Get bite sized yoga classes with motivation and reminders sent to your inbox to start your day off right.

daily, bitesized morning yoga

Join the Reawaken Challenge

"[Yoga with YB] now helps my mentality and has significantly dropped my level of stress."

- cori



An at home yoga challenge open to all with a dedication to their yoga practice. Get 10-15 minute long, bite sized yoga classes to do on the daily with our challenge calendar.

30 Days of At Home Yoga

Join the Feel Good Challenge

"Such a chill atmosphere where I’m comfortable to work on my practice without judgment."

- Whitney

Instant Download E-Book


A five page e-book with just over fifteen words commonly used during your yoga practice. Plus a quick introduction to the history of Sanskrit, the "language of yoga!"

guidance and expertise

Send me the yoga vocab download

"Beginning yoga under [Jess'] direction, with both group and private lessons, has been a terrific new addition to my life!

- sue

quick reference instant download


A single page downloadable (and printable) e-book. Reference ways to implement mindfulness and yogic techniques to fight anxiety.

One page printable

Send me the e-book

"I’ve never done yoga before this, and I can honestly say now that I love it! I’m so glad I found Jess."

- Denise

instant download, Journaling


Five free workbooks sent right to your inbox. Contemplate fear, gratitude, abundance, minimalism, and love. Download, print, or work right from your computer with these fillable forms!

guidance and expertise

Send me the journaling e-book

"You never feel pressured to do more than you’re comfortable with, but you’re encouraged to test your limits at that same time."

- sarah

Guided, Audio Meditations


Get 5 free guided meditations sent to your inbox. Play them & practice presence over this next week to set the tone for your day or evening.

5 Audio meditations with music

Send me the meditations

"The sense of community, support, and empowerment provided at Yogic Body is amazing!"

- candy

Check out our yoga, meditation, and journaling freebies!

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Registration for studio classes is required. Please confirm class times at least 2 hours before classes using the online schedule.

Our studio Hours

On the 2nd floor of Dragon Gym Exton
267 S. Whitford Rd.,
Exton, PA, USA

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