Free Meditation: Invite in the Love And Surrender

Things are getting hot and heavy today!   But first, I’ve got an ooey-gooey, fuzzy-feeling kind of question for you… and your answer makes all the difference.   How much love fills your life?   I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say – we are seeking connection.   Whether you define […]

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Yogi, if you’re like me, you’ve turned to an in-home yoga practice in lieu of studio classes. Maybe you’ve embraced a good ol’ Youtube yoga video to practice on your own precious time. Samsies. I came to a home practice after almost a year of NOT doing yoga. (If you’ve signed up for The YB’s […]

Help! My In-Home Yoga Practice Stresses Me Out

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Free Meditation: Let Go and Connect to the Breath

Let. It. Go. Three of the simplest, littlest words. But whenever you hear it, you think, “Yeah, alright. Easier said than done.” Letting things go can come with great heart break, anxiety, or hesitation. It’s damn hard.   You might find yourself asking – Is this the right time? Am I doing the right thing? […]

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I’ve practiced yoga since 2014 but my passion to teach reared its head when, just last year, my mother in law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I felt such sadness and hopelessness and constant anxiety (and sometimes still feel this way). But I had to find a way to deal, I had to find the […]

Make Minimalism Meaningful with Meditation and Journaling

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Free Yoga Vocab E-Book! Sanskrit Never Sounded Easier

We all remember our first time…practicing yoga……in bed…   (You’re not alone in thinking my comedic timing is way off). Jokes aside, my first yoga practice left me scratching my head. With little knowledge of yoga vocab, I had to crank my neck to understand how to fold forward, come to standing, and lie back. […]

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If I was a grandma with a recipe book, this one would be number one! I turn to banana pancakes almost once a week. A ton of protein and a helping of fruit. How can you beat it? You might not believe me when I say this but… you aren’t ever gonna go back to […]

Banana Pancakes: 3 Ingredients, No Wheat, No Added Sugar

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Free Meditation: Manifest Abundance, Set Goals And Take Action

If it were up to me, you’d have everything you want.   Wow. What if it was as simple as that? Wishing it in to reality.   Well, I’ve got a surprise for you. It is, partly.   With the proper mindset, you can manifest abundance at the drop of a hat. I get it… […]

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In revisiting my yoga practice, I found an outlet to deal with it all- the sorrow, the gratitude, the anxiety, and the love. I’m hoping I can offer you a heaping portion of help, too. I created the journaling journey to offer an outlet to anyone like me – anxious, ready to be excited. Get […]

Written in the Stars: FREE 5 Day Journaling Journey

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The Number One Reason I Will Not Photograph My Yoga Students While They Practice

I sure as heck haven’t been teaching yoga for long but it’s been decided – if I’m your teacher, I will not be taking your photo during practice. This isn’t to say if you asked me to take your picture I’d slap the camera out of your hand and demand you leave. (Wouldn’t that be […]

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As my yoga teacher training (YTT) drew to a close, I taught a free community class. I felt confident, sure of myself. I had a few friends and family members in the audience and it went really well! Then… I had one more… and I was nervous because… my boyfriend (now fiance, haaaay) was in […]

Top 3 Things That Surprised My Boyfriend During His First Yoga Class

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