Fight wedding planning anxiety with these mindfulness practices for the nontraditional bride

‘Tis the season. Wedding season, that is! As a newly wed, I’m privy to the trials and tribulations that prelude happily ever after. “I do’s” are but a dream when you’re mapping out rehearsal dinners, signing catering contracts, insuring venues, and scheduling porta potty delivery! Not to mention the sudden presence of your most distant […]

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Ignite, light. Burn baby, burn! In today’s Yoga Quickie (that’s yoga under 15 minutes!!), we pick up the pace in a powerful, energetic practice. But, not to worry, child’s pose is always available to you if you need to pause and take a breather. No shame in the game! Whatever pose you take, I’ll see […]

Yoga Quickie: Light Your Fire in Under 15 Minutes

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My mother-in-law’s death left me pleading to the universe. Here is how it responded.

Allow me to recite all the wonderful things that have happen in the last few years before breaking your heart… I became a newly married, first time homeowner. I started teaching yoga, exploring all methods of wellness and mindful moment, became a women’s coach and embraced all things anti-anxiety. I’ve traveled all around the world […]

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You asked and it’s finally here! Yoga to open the shoulders and heart. Think: Text neck. Sitting at your desk all day. Looking down to read. You name it, our daily habits promote tight shoulders, chests, and hearts. For today’s practice, grab a block or pillow + an elastic band or kitchen towel! We’re opening […]

Shoulder and Heart Opening Yoga

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Yoga Quickie: Gentle Practice to Integrate the Body

Yoga under 20 minutes, say what?! That’s right, yogis. This week I want to show you just how simple integrated a yoga practice into your daily routine can be. I’m introducing ‘yoga quickies’ – a yoga practice under half an hour. In this week’s practice we work to integrate the body by welcoming gentle, mindful […]

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Grab your mat and wake up with me, yogis! This practice was filmed in beautiful Bali and is the LAST of my videos recorded on this incredible beach – where I awoke to the sound of doggies on the beach and ocean waves rustling gently on the backs of boats. Take this peaceful moment, before […]

Sunrise Yoga

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Sunset Yoga

Like practicing yoga before bed, today’s Sunset Yoga is full of restorative, light stretching. In this practice we stay close to the ground and work our way to our backs for some juicy twists and side stretches. Try this one out if you want to indulge in an all ’round back opening bonanza – light […]

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My family, for one, has requested some simple stretching – without all the fuss of hands and knees.   Impossible? I think not!   I do this quick series of postures at my desk on the regular. If you’re craving some gentle, seated flows – grab a chair and hit play!   By the […]

No Time, No Problem Chair Yoga

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Go With the Flow: A Guided Meditation

Take it easy. Take it with a grain of salt. Let it roll off your back. Dust your shoulders off! A slew of sayings – all with the same lesson- don’t get your panties in a bunch. i.e Go with the flow!   Join me where ever you are (ex-nay on the yoga-mat-ay) for this […]

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Clearly, there is no better YOU than you. But, could you feel 100x better about yourself, your circumstances, you past and your future? Hell yeah. And it starts by being here, in the present moment. Yogis use guided meditations to cultivate presence, focus on their breath, and find relaxation. I have notoriously turned to a […]

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