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Hi friend! I'm Jess Palmer, a scientist-turned-yogi, creator of The Yogic Body, and owner of The Yogic Body Studio. It feels like only yesterday when I was introduced to yoga while studying for my degree in Biology. For several years, I worked as a cancer researcher but my mind was always busy with dreams of becoming a full time yoga teacher! Ultimately, the creation of The Yogic Body came through crisis...

After losing my mother-in-law to terminal cancer, I decided to fully dedicate myself to wellness through yoga. Now I help women just like you and me who have suffered from anxiety and are curious about the benefits of yoga! I urge you to join me. Consider me your coach and your confidant, advocating for you to cultivate your yogic body - united with a sound mind, a backbone, and a say in how you live your life!

Good Vibes, French Fries

(and a picture of me as a bride!)

I'm Jessica Palmer and most days you can find me cleaning dog hair off my hardwood floors before laying out my yoga mat!

Mostly, I'm known for cuddling my mastiff well past the alarm, dozing off at the end of my yoga practice, and hanging fairy lights in every room of my house. I am crazy in love with apple fritters and am still searching for the perfect mac & cheese recipe.

It's all too often people tell me I sound older than I am (compliment? never sure...). But I'm so dedicated to bringing some old soul wisdom to this crazy world.

the passion. the purpose.

The joy in the journey

Fritters and dog hair aside, life wasn't always bridal photos and lacy brassieres. (Truth bombs ahead)

It wasn't long ago that I was a cancer researcher (true). And it wasn't long ago that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The kind of cancer whose Google search results make you sob uncontrollably (true).

Much like ANYONE in this circumstance, I felt absolutely out of control. Much less, as a cancer researcher... there was nothing I could do. I want to note, in no way can I romanticize this experience. I was a 24/7 cancer researcher - in the operating room at work, coming home to sit with my mother-in-law. The sun would set and rise and I was back in the operating room, repeating it again. Well, you get the picture.

I was


I was seeing the absolute, incredibly worst of human disease.
Then one day, I had the urge to jump in front of the train that took me to work. And, wow. The thought alone just rips me apart. How did I get here? My husband gave me an ultimatum (in the most loving of ways, might I add)- continue your journey toward joy and return to a yoga practice or it's intervention time.

coming back to


You see, just years before life got messy, I practiced yoga like it was my J - O - B. And then somewhere in between ... POOF. Yoga no more. I was 'busy' with work, my schedule changed week to week in the operating room, and now I had an excuse - my family needs me. So where did that leave me? ... Well, don't make me revisit that one...

I made it a point to roll out my mat every damn day. Damn, even if it meant my yoga was CRYING ON THE FLOOR. I took the time to feel that feely feel.

stepping out of my

comfort zone

What next? I found COMMUNITY. I turned to yoga videos online, to private Facebook groups full of women going through similar experiences. And then I developed enough confidence (WHOA!) to step back in to a yoga studio.

I got the itch to bring yoga to women with anxiety. I participated in a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) to learn more about the practice. WHOA x2.

freeze frame to the

present moment

I am so fortunate to work with, inspire, and coach women struggling with anxiety who are interested in embracing a yoga practice. I'm dedicated to showing women they are in the driver's seat of their own lives. I am living proof that a yoga practice can be such a juicy method to come back to your body, mind, and breath. 

feeling free + phenomenal

living my yoga

If you're still with me (high five!), I want to let you in on a little secret. I couldn't have done this without a little help from my friends. Yoga teachers, fellow yogis, skeptics, family, you name it.

It took a VILLAGE to get me back on my hands and knees, to crawl, take baby steps, and to walk. And before you knew it I was back on both feet, ready to dive in to my yoga practice.

I know the time for you is now. Thankfully, I'm here for you every step of the way. If you're ready to get it all back, I urge you to join me - no better time than the present.

the 5 things every woman

should know about yoga

1. Yoga is a no judgement zone. It is a practice of compassion and acceptance. Feel angry? Scream. Want to cry? Grab a box of tissues and open the flood gates.

2. There are no pre-requisites to yoga. If you have a body, you can practice yoga.

3. You are not competing with anyone when you practice yoga. Don't let social media box you in to the comparison trap. You do you.

4. If you return to the mat over time and with dedication, you will reap the mental benefits.

5. Self-love, practicing yoga, and taking this time for yourself IS NOT SELFISH.


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