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Clearly, there is no better YOU than you. But, could you feel 100x better about yourself, your circumstances, you past and your future? Hell yeah. And it starts by being here, in the present moment.

Yogis use guided meditations to cultivate presence, focus on their breath, and find relaxation. I have notoriously turned to a guided meditation after a long, rough day. And I have found total and complete peace of mind by sitting with my thoughts for a moment.

I could scroll for hours trying to find the perfect one – so here are 5 made with you in mind by yours truly. Each features a 5 minute guided meditation followed by 15 minutes of music (for those of us that tend to drift away!).

Contemplate five different aspects of mental health – releasing fear, embracing gratitude, manifesting abundance, letting go, and inviting in the love. See you on the other side!

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